Falsch positiv u. neg. Mamma Befunde

Breast Cancers Not Detected at MRI


Breast Cancers Not Detected

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  1. Werner Says:

    Although these women were at somewhat higher risk (they typically would have been classified as intermediate risk), they represent a group of women for which we currently don’t have enough data to recommend MRI as part of their screening, and for whom the risks of overcalling findings on imaging, and obtaining biopsies that find only a few additional cancers, are quite real.

    So here are the numbers. They screened about 2600 women over this 3-year period and 110 (4%) of those women were diagnosed with cancer during that time. Of those cancers:

    33 were seen only on mammogram;
    32 were seen only on ultrasound;
    26 were seen on both mammogram and ultrasound;
    9 were seen only on MRI; and
    11 were not seen on any imaging.

    These 11 interval cancers were found by a clinical evaluation abnormality that the patient or their physician found between annual mammography screening.
    (Medscape,Dr. Kathy Miller with another Medscape Oncology video blog.ACRIN6666 Trial )

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