CMRT Blutung


Above includes a chart with the T1/T2 descriptors. Short T1 means bright on T1, long T1=dark T1. Long T2 means bright on T2, short T2=dark T2. Gradient echo is more sensitive to blood. Gradient echo can be set to either t1 or t2 weighted, and then you follow the same chart. EPI Diffusion can be useful for acute blood as the article explain.


Don’t worry you will forget all this. Easiest thing to remember is that blood is tough to detect in the first 24 hours on MRI; CT is best here(Blut in der FLAIR erste 24 h hell! Detektion dann möglich!). For days 2-4, it will be dark on t1 and t2. Beyond day 4, and for at least a few weeks, T1 will be bright. From days 7 to about 14, t2 will be bright. After that, t2 will show a thin dark rim around the area of hemmorrhage to indicate that it as least several weeks old.


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