CT Detects Ureteral Uric Acid Stones

low-dose and ultra-low-dose CT detects calcium oxalate stones with high sensitivity and specificity. Uric acid stones, however, are less dense and therefore potentially more difficult to detect using low-dose CT.

For this study, the researchers inserted 3-, 5-, and 7-mm uric acid stones into human cadaver ureters and scanned the cadavers using a standard 140-mAs setting, as well as low dose settings of 70-, 50-, 30-, 15-, 7.5-, and 5-mAs.

A single-blinded radiologist reviewed all 523 images of the scanned stones.

Imaging using 140-, 70-, 50-, and 30-mAs settings resulted in 97%, 97%, 96%, and 93% sensitivity and 92%, 92%, 91%, and 89% specificity, respectively, the authors reported.

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