Swallow Tail Sign Parkinson

The ‘Swallow Tail’ Appearance of the Healthy Nigrosome
– A New Accurate Test of Parkinson’s Disease: A Case-
Control and Retrospective Cross-Sectional MRI Study at






Neuro_ROI Auswert_Software:



The Swallow tail sign : Parkinson mit CMRT Diagnostizieren !!!
A. High resolution SWI MRI (3D gradient echo EPI, magnitude image)
B. Clinical high resolution 3D-T2*/SWI MRI (Philips ‘PRESTO’ sequence),
In the retrospective study, MR imaging was performed on the same scanner as above, also with a standard eight-channel head coil, using a standard clinical Phillips ‘Principles of Echo Shifting with a Train of Observations’ (PRESTO) sequence. PRESTO is a HR-T2*/SWI 3D multi-shot fast field echo – echo planar imaging sequence FFE-EPI. TR/TE 16.55/23.29, echo train length 1, Flip angle 10°, number of slices: 200, voxel size 0.43×0.43×0.75 mm3, SENSE factor 2, Scan duration: 2 minutes 36 seconds). The orientation of acquired axial slices was in alignment with the splenium and genu of corpus callosum in the sagittal plane.



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